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Radon online monitoring in buildings and facilities

In large buildings or facilities it is frequently required to monitor the Radon concentration in several rooms or section. Employees and work safety officers shall be informed regarding the compliance with the limits by a big display. Exactly for that purpose SARAD offers the software ROOMS, a solution based on already available networks (LAN, WiFi) which is simple to install and easy to apply. ROOMS supports all instruments of the Radon Scout family as well as the Thoron Scout and the RTM1688-2. ROOMS offers:

  • a high security level because no cloud service is required - all data remain under control of the owner.
  • a bidirectional communication - the network connection can also be used by Radon Vision for remote control, configuration and data download.
  • the Plug & play installation - within a local network (or VPN) no network administration is required.
The instruments will be connected to an already available computer or to a SARAD IP-Box which are providing the network connection. ROOMS calls periodical for measurement results and present the data clearly arranged in large numbers on the screen. The number of instruments within the network is only limited by the resolution and size of the screen.