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MOD-01/03 & 01/04 :: Detector modules for Alpha spectroscopy

In a large number of OEM applications, Alpha- and Beta radiation detection units are required which are providing high noise immunity, simple interfacing and small form factors. 
They combine a light-shielded, ion-implanted detector, a charge sensitive preamplifier and a shaping amplifier inside a rugged and small enclosure. Several detector sizes are available.
The Gaussian shaped output signal is perfectly suited for spectroscopy applications as well as simple counting systems.

The modules can be connected directly to our SPECTRA multi-channel analysers. In case of connection to existing NIM systems, an additional linear gain amplifier (G = 5) can be necessary, depending on the kind equipment.

Because of the low power requirements the units are a very good choice for battery powered instrumentation. For example, the MOD-01/04 needs only a single operation voltage between 3 and 5.5 Volts and a bias voltage between 10 and 50 Volts. For Alpha counters, both, power supply and bias can be connected to 5 Volts.