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Radon Vision

The unified software solution for:


  • Integrated modem control for remote data transmission for Radon-Scout (PLUS) and RTM1688-2
  • Automatic scan for instruments connected to any serial port of the computer
  • No adjustment of communication parameter required, no instrument type selection necessary. USB to Serial (RS232/COM) converters are accepted.
  • Simple, intuitive operable user interface without complicate pull down menus; most functions accessible by a single mouse click.
  • Save and easy data management by automatically generated file names and folder structure
  • Selective export of acquired data to an Excel compatible text file, the created file can be opened directly by the Excel “file open” dialog
  • Selective graphic protocol print out containing all information necessary for quality assurance. Space for user specific letter head.
  • Interactive grafic display of the acquired time distribution (zoom, pan, fit, data-cursor, selection of region of interests)
  • Displaying of statistical error bars (can be switched on/off).
  • Smoothing of the acquired time distribution to eliminate statistical fluctuations
  • Toggeling between US and SI units (display, export file and protocol)
  • Type specific intrument setup with automatic readback of the recent parameters