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Radon Soil Gas Probe :: Radon monitor and transmitter

The Radon Soil Gas Probe was developed especially for geophysical applications. The compact and robust cover made from stainless steel and acetal allows the usage of the probe inside bore holes from 80 mm up.

The electronics as well as the radon detector are protected by a special urethane coating to ensure a long operation time even under extreme conditions as expected in seismic and volcanic active areas (e.g. H2S).

We guarantee a water tightness up to 1 meter immersion depth. Sensors for temperature and humidity are integrated in addition to the radon chamber.

The Radon soil gas probe is connected to the Analogues Radon Sensor (ARS) by a single cable which can reach a length of up to 10 meters. The Analogues Radon Sensor calculates the actual radon concentration and generates an analogous output signal.

Alternatively, a switch output, programmable either as alert or counting output, is available. A serial interface (RS-232) serves to set the configuration parameters and to read the recent values directly from the unit. The transfer protocol is supplied by SARAD to realise own communication solutions.

If the Radon Soil Gas system shall be used as stand-alone solution, an internal data logger stores the acquired time distribution. In case of a power interruption, the Analogues Radon Sensor will restart the data acquisition automatically.

The low power consumption offers the possibility to install the Radon Soil Gas system without developed infrastructure using solar power supplies.

The soil gas radon detector will be shipped with the latest version of the Radon Vision software.