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Pollution monitoring station

The measuring container represents an efficient and sound overall concept including all electrical, climatical and  meteorological units as well as the entire system and network for data logging and transmission.

The facts in a brief overview:

All measuring devices inside the container deliver their data continuously to a data logging unit, the so called "data  logger”, which is steadily forwarding the collected data or results to the control center in fixed. The measuring devices  work on well proven physical measuring principles and monitor the concentration of a huge variety of dangerous pollutants.
The container is well insulated and equipped with a heating as well as an air conditioning system. Therefore a  functionality of all units is guaranteed also under the worst weather conditions. Anti-theft alarm system and a security door make the container and your data save. The container´s siting results from extensive calculations about the pollutants  
spreading considering their atmospheric sources of emission.





Supervisable pollutants:
- ammonia 
- carbon monoxid 
- chlorine 
- chloric acid gas 
- dust 
- hydro carbons 
- hydrogen sulfide 
- nitrogen oxide 
- ozon 
- sulfur dioxide

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- maintenance of the container 
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