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Protection of first responders in case of fires, nuclear accidents or terrorism

    Protection of first responders in case of fires, nuclear accidents or terrorism

First responders undergo a heavy personal risk in case of fires, accidents or terror attacks due to the usually confusing situation on site. Especially if they inhale radioactive aerosols unnoticed.

Radioactivity can enter the air path by accidents in nuclear facilities, fire in nuclear medicine departments but also by terroristic attacks with dirty bombs or radiological dispersal devices (RDD). Damages to health can appear even after many years due to the much stronger biological impact compared with external radiation. An immediate warning allows quick and target-oriented actions to protect and coordinate the forces.

The detection of airborne activity by first responders is only possible by wearable air samplers with online functionality—it means that the activity collected on a filter will be immediately analyzed. The instruments must be able to detect dangerous exposures within one minute. The annual limits used in the nuclear industry (e.g. 2000 DAC-h or 20 mSv) can be used as a critical limit.

Because the first responders have to act in a stressfull situation, a wireless data transfer to the responsible officer is desirable.

With the MyRIAM and the poCAMon SARAD offers two air samplers which have been designed as personal protective equipment for fire fighters, police officers, security personal and armed forces.

The MyRIAM is a very small and lightweight instrument that is still able to detect exposures in the range of the annual dose within one minute. An optical as well as acoustical signal alarms the user if the limit will be exceeded. The bigger poCAMon has a more than ten times higher flow rate allowing the instrument to detect much lower activities within one minute. Thus, it is possible to detect probably present radioactivity very early.

The poCAMon is equipped with a wireless interface allowing communication in a range of up to hundred meters.

The MyRIAM can be worn in a belt bag, for the poCAMon a chest holster is available.