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Radon monitoring network for ALDI warehouse (2013-10-16)

Our company committed recently a complex Radon monitoring system for a newly established logistic center of the German food discounter ALDI. 22 Indoor Air Sensors have been installed within a warehouse with the dimensions of about 300m x 250m. Each sensor is equipped by a SARAD Net-Monitors wireless interface (ZigBee). All Sensors are linked to a Server PC which is located in the security center of the warehouse. Recent sensor readings are displayed and stored into a data base by the SARAD Tracking Online Monitoring and Alert System (TOMAS). All data is stored additionally by the Indoor Air Sensors to ensure a gapless documentation even if the signal quality varies over the time (e.g. heavy Wi-Fi traffic by transport cars and scanners). If a sensor reports a concentration above the alert threshold, a local alert will be generated and emails will be automatically sent to responsible persons. The internet connection is realized by an UMTS router. Therefore, there is no need to access ALDI's local network. The structure of TOMAS allows the usage of the monitoring and alert functions simultaneously at any PC with internet access.