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Exhauster control with Radon Scout and Radon Scout Plus

Radio transmitter switch to be connected to the switching output of Radon Scout or Radon Scout Plus

Due to their outstanding sensitivity, Radon Scout and Radon Scout Plus are fast enough to control ventilation equipment by a potential-free switch contact. As accessory, we offer a set of wireless switch to be directly connected to the instrument and a radio controlled mains socket. Thus, exhausters like kitchen hoods, wall or window ventilators anywhere in your home can be remote controlled. Even older instruments of the Radon Scout series can be upgraded with the required switch contact. The switching threshold for the Radon Scout is fixed to the EU target value of 300 Bq/m³ whilst the Radon Scout PLUS allows user specific settings.
Solve your Radon problem efficiently, at low cost and negligible effort!



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