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AMP 01-03 :: Amplifier for Alpha spectroscopy

The AMP01-03 combines a charge sensitive preamplifier and a pulse shaping amplifier in one small EMV resistant enclosure. Any standard detector with Microdot (TM) connector can be screwed in directly. The shaping time constant of the Gaussian pulses is fixed for optimised performance. The output signal level fits perfectly to the input range of the SARAD SPECTRA 50xx spectrometer series. NIM signal levels requiring an additional linea amplification (Gain = 5).

The AMP01-03 can be used inside the SARAD VacuTube vacuum chamber as well as for in situ measurements in ambient air.The connection to the spectrometer is realised by a single cable. Because of the low power consumtion, the AMP01-03 is an ideal choice for battery powered systems and OEM applications.