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Net Monitors :: wireless networking

With Net Monitors it is possible to implement a wireless local network for SARAD instruments, or simple to read out the data without a cable connection. The range of the radio link is several hundred meters in case of a free line of sight. For stationary linking, the range can be extended by directional antennas. A PC adapter, called “coordinator” and at least one instrument adapter (endpoint) are required to create the network. The coordinator is connected to the PC by a USB cable. The instrument adapter can be connected to the serial interface (RS232) of the instruments. The link cable is included in the delivery. To power the instrument adapter, either the internal replaceable batteries or an AC/DC wall adapter can be used. The batteries enable an autonomous operation of several weeks. Many instruments are already equipped with an internal instrument adapter.

As soon as an instrument enters the link range of a coordinator, it will be automatically linked into the network. All SARAD software products contain already the network functionality. The communication takes place in the same way like through a cable connection. The only difference is that before any action which requires the communication with the instrument, a selection table with all linked instrument appears on the screen.

The network uses a similar standard like the WLAN with a maximum link power of 100 mW. The endpoint does not send any information as long it is not in the link range of a coordinator.