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Radon Calibration

We officially commissioned our new radon calibration laboratory in February 2021.

This investment includes rooms, equipment and procedures which allow calibrations for the measurand radon activity concentration according to the requirements of DIN ISO 17025. The accreditation by the “Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS)” was finalized on December, 6th 2021. The scope of accreditation was extended by an additional calibration point in July 2023.

The operation of the laboratory has been extensively automated resulting in a high calibration capacity and at comparatively low costs. We calibrate radon measuring instruments of all manufacturers, presupposed that the basic requirements for calibration are fulfilled. Calibration is performed at radon concentrations of 300 Bq/m³, 3000 Bq/m³ and/or 30 kBq/m³ (30000 Bq/m³) with prior determination of the background effect. A separate calibration certificate is created for each calibration point. The exposure periods are determined with regard to the respective instrument sensitivity to minimize the statistical uncertainty of the instrument to be calibrated.

How to ask for a calibration

Please fill in the request form Radon calibration request. The document Instructions to fill the request form will help you to do this correctly. The price for your calibration request is calculated automatically by the form. The processing and the requirements for the calibration of your instruments are explained in the document Conditions calibration services.