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The MyRIAM software allows the analysis and archiving of the measuring data acquired during the exposure of the personal dosimeter MyRIAM. Operation parameter like alert level and dose coefficients can be transmitted to the instrument. Great importance was attached to the simple handling, a maximum of data integrity and a clear indication of the results.

Easy Instrument Access

  • Transfer of the operation parameter from and to the instrument.
  • Start and stop of a measurement, switching off the unit.
  • Transfer of the acquired data (time distribution) from the MyRIAM to the PC.

Efficient Data Management

  • Programmable codes for personal and local allocation.
  • Automatic generation of the file directory structure and file names with respect to the User-ID and sampling period.
  • Recalculation of the dose values by usage of different dose coefficients and breathing rate.
  • Switch over between SI and US units (µSv/mrem etc.).
  • Data export to an Excel compatible text file.

Clearly Arranged Results

  • Detection limits are shown grey shaded in the diagram background.
  • Time distribution graphs for dose, exposure and activity concentration for both, alpha and beta emitters.
  • Display of the alpha spectrum (with ROI).
  • Data cursor to show the results of a selected data record.
  • Display of the total Alpha and Beta count rates (incl. radon daughters) to check the proper operation of the MyRIAM.
  • Indication of the error bars (show/hide).

Setup Functions

  • Breathing rate.
  • Dose alert level.
  • Dose coefficients for Alpha and Beta.
  • Storage interval for time distribution.
  • Operation mode (sampling/filter-analysis).
  • Real time clock setting
  • User-ID and location codes