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Ion-implanted silicon detectors for alpha spectroscopy

SARAD manufactures ion implanted silicon detectors for the alpha/beta spectroscopy since 1994. SARAD detectors have been approved for thousand times as OEM parts or inside our radiation detection equipment.

Key features are the robust design, low background and the outstanding spectroscopic performance even at low bias voltages. Only a 10 volts bias is required to deposit the whole emission energy of an alpha particle (up to 10 MeV) within the depletion layer. The BS types, especially designed for beta detection, provide a depleted region of 500 µm.

All types can be used under ambient conditions as well as in vacuum gauges. The entrance window is protected by an thin aluminium layer with a thickness of 50 nm (type V) or 500 nm (type E). The thicker aluminium of the E type detectors make them especially suitable for ambient light applications.

The detectors are delivered with a Microdot jack (industry standard) to guarantee the full compatibility with other manufacturers. BNC or SMA type jacks are optionally available.