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IP Box

The software solutions Radon Vision (from version 6.2.0) and dVISION/dCONFIG (from version 3.3.1) contain a complete solution for TCP/IP based communication with the most of SARAD instruments. The Implementation is very easy and does not require special skills in the IT field.

The IP-Box, in fact, is a robust, tiny (15mm x 111mm x 51mm), pre-configured computer with SSD and Windows operational system. The program Instrument Server is already installed in the auto-start folder of Windows (see also application note AN-008: Internet based monitoring networks for SARAD instruments). It will be opened automatically after turning on the power. The IP-Box is equipped with several USB and serial ports to connect the instruments. The connection to the internet can be realized either by LAN cable or WiFi. The WiFi adapter is integrated in the IP-Box.