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VacuTube :: Vacuum chamber

The VacuTube is a simple and cost efficient extension for the SARAD SPECTRA 50xx MCA-series to create a lab like alpha spectroscopy workbench. The unique construction saves space at the desk and enables a comfortable access to the sample holder. Decontamination is very easy because all chamber parts can cleaned separately.
The cap of the VacuTube has been designed to use a standard detector with Mircodot (TM) connector together with the SARAD AMP01-03 preamplifier/shaping amplifier module. Both parts can be removed from the chamber rapidly and may used in other applications too.
The vacuum is manually controlled by a 3-way valve, witch allows to disconnect the chamber from the pump without loosing the vacuum. The chamber is equipped with a reverse biased sample holder to avoid detector contamination and a vacuum indicator.