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Thoron Scout :: Radon & thoron measurements

Based on a diffusion type measurement chamber, the instrument allows the simultaneous measurement of activity concentration of radon (222Rn) and thoron (220Rn).

The required fast exchange rate of sampled air is realized by a highly permeable chamber placed outside of the instruments enclosure. The relative thoron sensitivity reached with this setup is comparable with those of pump based instruments.

The modified measurement chamber has been derived from the Radon Scout while the electronics comes from the RTM 1688-2. That means, more than 2000 data records including a complete alpha spectrum can be stored. Of course, sensors for barometric pressure, temperature and humidity are integrated as well.

The Thoron Scout offers a larger display compared with the Radon Scout. The replaceable batteries allow an autonomous operation of approximately one month. It is possible to operate the unit by mains power resulting in unlimited sampling periods.

A switch output can be used for alert purposes or to control ventilation equipment.