Closer to your application


To facilitate users operation and control of DACM-based instruments as well as the evaluation of the measurement results, we provide the dVISION software.

With the help of this device-independent software, measured values can be:

  • read via PC
  • saved in automatically created graphs and tables
  • displayed on dynamic maps in the program itself
  • queried globally or internally via network (TCP-IP)

Changes in the device configuration made by the user take effect immidiately. To change the device configuration there is a separate program (dCONFIG) available.

With USB or TCP-IP connection on the wireless network, measurements can be started, stopped and evaluated from the PC.

The client server technology integrated in dVISION provides access to measurement data of globally distributed measurement systems via the Internet.

Since the exact position of the device is stored for each measurement, it‘s possible to display the measurement points on dynamic maps in the program itself for an easier detection of areas with lower or higher radiation.