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Geothermal Energy Reservoir Management

The aim of this project was to get information about the transport mechanism of re-injected water for the hot steam production using Radon gas as tracer.
The second point of interest was to investigate the growing of radioactive scales on the inner walls of the production pipes. Four stations at different production wells have been installed.
The high pressured hot steam was de-compressed by water separators and water and air were cooled down to temperatures which are suitable for sensors. The measurement of Radon/Thoron tracers and other geogenic gases was carried out in the gas as well as in the liquid phase. Gamma detectors were installed belong the pipes. All stations were linked by a wired CAN bus system into an operators office with internet connectivity. The figures as example show the application of pipeline monitoring on the Philippines. Leakage of the pipelines as well as geological changes of the ground could be detected at an early state.