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SPECTRA 5011/5031 :: Universal Alpha/Gamma spectrometer

The SPECTRA 5011/5031 spectrosmeters have been developed to support companies and laboratories where radiation analysis is only one part of the work and therefore, the cost/time factor is a major aspect. But also professional radiological services will find a good solution for many purposes such as Alpha spectroscopy or Gamma spectroscopy with NaJ or HPGe detectors.
The set up and handling of the device is very easy. This reduces start up times and avoids mistakes at the one hand, and at the other hand, also workers without special experience are able to operate the system.

Variable detectors arrangements and a lot of accessories simplify the adaptation to a wide range of various applications. For example, only a view grasps are neccessary to create a lab like vacuum spectroscopy from an in situ screening system.

The imput connector of the SPECTRA 50xx provides in addition the power supply and the bias voltage for the connected preamplifiers and shaping amplifiers (such as SARAS AMP01-03, MOD01-03, MOD01-04 and THERMO FHZ type NaJ probes).

The imput signal is routed to a variable gain amplifier to fit the input signall to the subsequent ADC. The acquired spectrum is saved in the internal memory and can be transferred to a PC via the serial bus system. Therefore it is not neccessary to keep the PC connected during the whole measurement. A maximum of 15 SPECTRA units can be simultaneously connected to this bus-system.

The SPECTRA 5011 is a portable unit and can be operated either by the internal rechargeable battery or by a mains power adapter while the 5031 comes as a 19" plug-in enclosure fitting in any 19" rack.
All setup functions are accessible by the PC software using an USB adapter.