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ABC Reconnaissance Vehicle

Arising from SARAD’s core competence in monitoring the environment, we have developed an ABC reconnaissence vehicle with the latest measurement equipment for the detection of dangerous materials. The aim of SARAD’s new development is to protect the population against damages of health in case of heavy environmental pollution from the industry, from phenomena of nature, accidents and by terroristic attacks.

Ionizing radiation and organic toxic gases are measured during the drive with the aid of the ABC reconnaissance vehicle. The car allows its crew to drive to the barrier of an endangered area and to go in wearing ABC protection suits in order to rapidly detect type and strength of such harmful materials. With these data gained and transferred by the car instrumentation, the responsible authorities and persons will quickly be in a position to alert the population, to block the area in question and initiate urgent counter measures.

The SARAD ABC reconnaissance vehicle can be equipped with advanced instruments for detecting of:

Alpha, Beta, Gamma radiations
The dose rate is measured by a two liter plastic scintillator within a range from 10 nSv/h up to 100 µSv/h and by a Geiger-Müller counter up to 1 Sv/h. An additional detector is installed for radioactive aerosols to measure both the alpha and beta radiation.
VOC volatile organic compounds concentrations
by using latest photo-ionization detectors for more than 200 compounds.
Toxic industrial gases or chemical warfare agents
by means of an ion mobility spectrometer for agents such as chlorine, cyanides, sulphur dioxide, chloro-organic compounds CLX as well as chemical warfare agents such as Tabun, Sarin, VX, Soman, Nitrogen Mustard to mention but some from the list of possible materials.

SARAD ABC Reconnaissance Vehicle — a necessary means for the protection of people to be used by the security authorities of cities, airports, for large sports events, for any large gathering of people, large industrial areas, for fire fighting and more.