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ALDI Logistics Center

System Configuration

For setting up a Radon measuring network for such a big warehouse first there was considered a type of installtation with full radio networking between the host and the radon measuring stations. But this seemed to be problematic because of the unknown placement of goods.

The visual contact between host and measuring station could not always be provided.


Because of this, SARAD chose to take a mixed wired and radio alternative.
The warehouse was split into three measuring areas. Each of them has an own central stations being wired to every radon measuring station by an analog cable.

The central stations of the measuring areas have got a radio interface to communicate with the PC host system. They were arranged to ensure visual contact to the host via the transport ways.

The installation happs in the same way like the radon monitors attached to the pillars.


The radio routes could also be replaced by an RS485 conduction

The alternative system out of measuring area stations chosen by SARAD provides advantages in operating with the measuring network.

By choosing the three measuring areas it is possible to give every measuring station a unique name creating a data file for every measuring area.

The measuring area stations save the measuring data on an SD-Card to provide data for several centuries.

Additionally there are up to six exits in case of alarm according to every measuring station.

The whole system was tested successfully and was given to the satisfied customer.